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Sawn timber

Sawn timber is manufactured from the commercial wood species spruce/whitewood (Picea abies) and pine/redwood (Pinus sylvestris).


Spruce/whitewood (Picea abies)

Spruce forest

The colour varies from creamy white to light yellow. Spruce is straight-grained with a smooth and even texture. The wood has medium density. Strength properties are excellent. Sawing and machining is easy, as well as gluing, jointing and assembling.

Spruce is used as structural timber in beams, indoors and outdoors. Spruce is the most important building and construction timber in Europe. It is also used for interior construction, external joinery, carpentry, furniture, external paneling,flooring, doors and packaging.

Pine/redwood (Pinus sylvestris)

Pine forest

The colour of the sapwood is yellow-white, while the heartwood is reddish. The texture is fine due to slow growing. The red knots give a decorative character to the timber. The wood is soft and has medium density. The strength properties are good. Sawing and machining is easy.

Pine is used for joinery, interiors and decoration such as doors, windows, flooring and indoor paneling as well as for furniture. It is also used as a building and construction timber.

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